A strategic approach - Make savings

Outsourced purchasing specialist

Direct savings :

We guarantee you savings on your purchases by negotiating all your orders and by putting in common all the purchasing families of our different customers.


Indirect savings :

By simplifying processes and setting up appropriate tools, we reduce your list of suppliers and significantly reduce their management and processing costs.

What you can expect beyond price savings :

  • Accounting gains: a lower number of suppliers and invoices
  • Administrative gains: dematerialised purchasing, supply and invoicing processes
  • Logistics gains: shipping, quality control and savings on transport costs.
  • Quality gains: supplier audit and monitoring
  • Information system gains: the processing of orders in your ERP is reduced.
  • Payment facilities: multi currency payments and also purchasing cards or payment cards via a secure platform.

Increased quality of service :

Because we we look after your requests, we are committed to giving you an irreproachable quality of service and reactivity.
Because the satisfaction of your company and internal customers are at the heart of our concerns, we bring you comfort and serenity through the secure management of your supplies and the respect of your deadlines.


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