A strategic approach - Optimise your purchasing productivity

Optimise your purchasing productivity


FARE Trade puts customer satisfaction at the heart of its stakes.

This increase in the scope of activities of our customers and the rapid growth of the company lead us to believe we are on the right track.

The advantages our customers obtain in their outsourcing strategies are the following :


Costs :

  • Gains on the purchase price (volume)
  • Gains in acquisition costs (logistics)
  • The gains are shared with the customer
  • Reduction in administrative tasks
    (invoices, suppliers, …)
  • Sub-contracted supply
  • E-procurement
  • Reduction in the number of disputes

Flexibility :

  • Easier control over resources (implant)
  • Conversion of fixed structure costs into variable costs
  • Customer activity variation management
  • Customer investment variability
  • Reduced stock
    (tight flow, consignment stock, remote stock, supply chain finance, dedicated stock, FIFO and LIFO management, …)


Quality :

  • Increase request processing reactivity
  • Adapt purchasing to the true customer need
  • Increase the quality of purchased services
  • Delivery traceability
  • IQAM goods inspection
  • Improved cost visibility (indicators, management reports, …)

Expertise :

  • Focus on your business while increasing the added value of purchasers on strategic products.
  • Use the skills of an industrial specialist
  • Use the innovating capacity of the purchasing office


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