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An ever more global economy


In our ever more global economy and bullish economic climate, Purchasing departments are increasingly called upon.
Now companies expect their purchasing departments not only to reduce costs and expenditure, but also to significantly improve their performance.

FARE Trade is the outsourced Industrial and Technical Purchasing and general expense purchasing specialist.

We can help you make fast and long term savings while improving your purchasing performances.

These improvements are the result of strict controls and the application of our customers' purchasing policies. We provide them with standardised tools and a better visibility of their company's global expenditure.

Your purchasing teams can then remain focused on their trade and thereby contribute to internal customer satisfaction and to reaching your objectives

Breakdown of our activity


Indirect MRO

  • Industrial supply
  • Electronic equipment
  • Metrology, instrumentation
  • Tools
  • Safety equipment, PPE
  • Hardware, cleaning equipment
  • Laboratory supplies

Indirect General Expenses

  • Office supplies and computer consumables
  • Computer and other equipment
  • Office equipment
  • Supply of vehicles

Service purchasing

  • Maintenance
  • Training
  • Marketing
  • Other office services


  • Direct MRO
  • Spare parts and maintenance
  • Repair and recycling
  • Raw materials
  • Production consumables
  • Electronic and connection components
  • Electromechanical components
  • Chemicals, greases and lubricants
  • Fluids, gas,
  • Packing, packaging and other


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