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We operate in all sectors of industrial activity, whether civil or military, sensitive or not. Our expertise and knowledge of the repair or recycling market allow us to process all types of part. Whatever your need, we will find a solution to help you maintain your customer's business continuity. We also rely on the support of specialist networks to repair and deliver all the parts you need under warranty.

We solve our customers' issues (obsolescence, shut-down of a manufacturer, etc.) by having parts manufactured from drawings and mechanical parts from models, per unit and in small series, from a few grams to a ton, in steels, stainless steel, aluminium, cast iron, bronze, etc. and in plastic (PTFE, TEFLON, etc).

The vocation of FARE Trade is to find, test and manage suppliers capable of repairing and manufacturing small series of parts and components on behalf of its customers.

We repair :

Rebuild systems:

  • Repair and reconstitution of industrial equipment sub-assemblies
  • Rebuild robots and PLCs


  • Repair of analogue and digital sub-set components
  • Electronic boards and complete systems
  • Variable speed drives and slave systems
  • High voltage and power systems
  • Digital and analogue weight flow meters
  • Preventive and curative flow meter rebuilds
  • Calibration changes
  • Connection to national and international control and command standards, Screen repair, Radiofrequency, Antennas, Transmissions, Repair of power electronics.


  • Preventive and curative rebuild of all types of valve, drawer valves, angle valves, isolation valves, regulation valves, etc.

Pumps and compressors:

  • Cryogenic pumps
  • Rebuild of damaged elements, all types of pumping and compressors

Automation and regulation:

  • Regulation of cooling and heating units (chillers)
  • Rebuilding of heat and cold carrying fluid circuits

Radiofrequencies, Antennas, Transmissions:

  • RF generators, impedance coupling boxes
  • All types of military antenna, on-board or not
  • Talkie Walkies

Power electronics repair:

  • Power supply, variable drive, direct current motor, servo-variator, brushless, step frequency converter driver, voltage converter, charger etc

Electronic control command repair:

  • PLC, digital command, DC, regulator, industrial PC, process controller, automation, etc

Specific system electronics repair:

  • PLC, digital command, DC, regulator, industrial PC, process controller, automation, etc

Screen repair:

  • PLC, digital command, DC, regulator, industrial PC, process controller, automation, etc

PWhy are MRO & MCO complex activities?

  • An often demanding service offering (availability, reaction time, penalties)
  • A random and difficult to forecast demand, low consumption spare parts with heterogeneous prices and criticality
  • The time required to obtain new parts is often long (a few months)
  • A complex repair cycle
  • The repair instruction sequences are not predictable
  • Rotables need to be sized, repaired and distributed
  • Standard exchange management
  • Equipment with multiple operational configurations which change over time
  • Increased repair traceability
  • Performance indicator driven activity

Using our experience and expertise, we can provide you with "tailor made and seamless" solutions meeting each one of your issues.


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