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All purchases that do not participate in product manufacture. Amongst others they cover transport, information systems, maintenance and office supplies. Depending on the organisation we may also come across MROs used for the maintenance and repair of the production tool.

Non production purchasing, or Indirect purchasing, is increasing within companies, especially because of its impact on lowering costs.

But Non production purchasing goes beyond purchasing as such; it has other aspects :

  • contribution to optimising expenditure, beyond reducing costs ;
  • more complex contracts due to the diversity of subjects and risks ;
  • inclusion in internal control procedures ;
  • transverse positioning at the service of all company departments ;
  • change management and setting up of organisations ;
  • sustainable development and responsible purchasing ;
  • the increasing weight of administrative processes and information systems.

How can part of this function be outsourced?
Is extending the well oiled production purchasing process enough?

If the purchasing approach is identical, the organisation, development and management of this outsourcing requires a specific approach and methods.

FARE Trade has developed both an approach and a methodology that makes it possible to lower your total cost of ownership. It makes it possible for your teams to remain focused on your business and contributes to internal customer satisfaction.


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