Solutions - Stock and Supply Chain

A tailor made and seamless service

A service to manage all your flows

We propose several optimisation options based on our industrial experience in stock management. We have a global view of the flows on an industrial site. Using this expertise FARE Trade has given itself the objective of reducing cycles and optimising costs.

Our own platforms are installed close to our customers, or partners and are used to manage all flows:

  • industrial flows for factory supply,
  • distribution flows for market availability,
  • spare part flows and repairs for customer support


"On-site" service

Industrial tools are a familiar setting for FARE Trade, this is why the Group's teams can arrive on customer sites to provide services from the most complex operations to the most basic logistics.

FARE Trade works on industrial sites and takes charge of their logistics management with:

  • receptions, customs management, technical inspections and warehousing,
  • order and KIT preparation for delivery to the production station,
  • all factory flow management,
  • packing and conditioning of products and parts for shipping, etc


Stock financing

The inclusion of supply chain goods flows and productivity are often limited by the goods transfer conditions between the different actors in the distribution channels

The financing of stock by FARE Trade and its financial partners can change the property transfer conditions and widen the possibilities for sharing logistics assets

At the interface between the producers and the distributors and at the heart of working capital related problems, FARE Trade offers its customers stock financing

Stock financing allows:

- From a financial point of view: To improve the need for working capital and the Cash Flow Financial Deconsolidation of stock

- From a purchasing point of view: To avoid physical stocks and lower supply costs and product management costs through outsourcing.

It caters for the purchasing financial and strategic side:

  • Stock financing may correspond to our customers' concerns and spread debt evenly over the accounting year.
  • It can also correspond to strategic purchasing reasons. We offer our customers to purchase the raw materials they need for annual production directly from their suppliers.

Acquiring the stock can be financed almost entirely by bank credits with the financed goods being the only security the banks need.



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